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The company

TELTEX TECHNOLOGY, emerged in 1993 working in the area of project Consulting and developing, currently occupies a prominent place in protection and risk analysis, projects, and supply and implementation of security systems.


Responsible for the development of important projects for the South, Southeast and North Regions, with technologic innovations in cameras and Public Roads, and with the definitive solutions to reduce losses in retail chains and chopping malls.


We continue aiming our technology in the international market and distributing electronic security equipment’s at fair prices, providing competitiveness to our clients. Emphasizing the partnership with companies in the implementation of cutting-edge projects across the country, supplying equipment and specialized workforce.


Offer our best equipment’s and services in the global technology sphere, always guaranteeing the best quality and results.


Be a company nationally recognized by executing development projects and technological implementation with operational distinction.


• Commitment with ourCustomers;
• Ethics inrelations;
• Respect;
• Investment in human capital;
• Safety at work;

According to the vision, mission and values of the company and in search of the goals and objectives outlined, significant investments have been made in the development of its professionals, the improvement of internal procedures and in the knowledge of the customer needs and desires as well as Marketplace trends.