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Perimeter & Access Control

The access control systems offered by Teltex cover everything from turnstiles, gates, electromagnets, microphonic cable sensor, facial and digital biometrics, management software and integration with CCTV.

  • Perimeter and access control installation with electronic register of pedestrian movement, vehicles and drivers traffic through the gates, tourniquets, turnstiles and gates. Internal mapping routes for trucks in industrial areas.
  • Communication between devices trough a wireless network or a cable network, to connect local access readers to the local server.
  • Registration of visitors and temporary access control
  • Identity authentication by combining biometrics and smart card technology, to confirm access request.
  • Access rules stored in the reader’s memory allowing access decisions to be verified on the spot.

Alarms & Perimeter System

The systems allow real-time identification of security violations, easing the security framework reaction.

Several detection technologies are used: external use of active infrared sensors, passive infrared sensors with or without microwave to use in open or semi open areas, microwave, traditional and industrial electric fences, sensor cable and etc.