Made by Traffic Control and Automation engineers, the Invyx company is a partner of Teltex that developed a 100% brazilian system that integrates LPR – License Plate Recognition technology and analytical capabilities for Virtual Fence of cities, allowing quick and accurate technology to fighting crime and traffic control.

The Invyx solution includes software and cameras with the latest technology accurate LPR – License Plate Recognition, Business Intelligence and video analytics for traffic control, vehicle classification, investigation of car thefts and perimeter protection.

Today, Virtual Fence projects requires the integration of security cameras with software for monitoring and crossing data from radars and other applications. An integrated system, such as the Invyx, is unique and provides States and Municipalities with a rapid deployment, with reduced design and integration costs.


Invyx has broad application in Public Safety and Traffic Monitoring:

  • Identification and control of entry and exit of vehicles in the monitored perimeter (Neighborhoods, Cities, Regions and States).
  • Location of stolen vehicles by reading boards with alerts to the Monitoring Center and police force. It is easily integrated with databases of stolen vehicles as well as accepts the direct registration of lists of stolen and suspicious car plates.
  • Identification and location of vehicles with expired taxes and other pending issues. It can be integrated to the bases of the Municipal Finance, DETRAN and DENATRAN (brazilian public systems of vehicles contro) and other systems.
  • Tracking of suspect vehicles, with real-time status information – average speed, direction of travel, possible escape routes.
    Identification and alerts of vehicles moving on the road, vehicles stopped on the road, traffic congestion, off-road vehicles, obstruction of intersections, among others.
  • Access control of vehicles in protected perimeters with automation of barriers.

Invyx System

  • LPR – License Plate Recognition
  • Integration with external or imported database
  • Supports context-sensitive images and videos from security monitoring cameras
  • GPS control of all installed OCRs
  • Allows management of cities and regions
  • Real-time vehicle status information
  • Allows manual registration of plates for investigation and follow-up
  • Integration with other software (Access Control, Parking, Toll, Scales)
  • Native integration with Google Maps
  • Monitoring equipment operation

Invyx Smart Cam

Intelligent camera that allows integration with Monitoring Centers, with reading and processing plates in the camera itself.
Embedded LPR.

  • Embedded video analytics for detection of displacement direction, prohibited stop, crossover obstruction, lane exit, among others
  • Remote focus and image stabilizer
  • Communication between pedestrians and central
  • Latest generation 2MP, 3MP, 5MP or 4K cameraWDR 120Db
  • Smart Infra-Red