Produced using the same technology as the equipment used by the NYPD – New York Police Department, our solution for Body Worn Video, Inpex Front Line, is a camera attachable to the uniform, also known as a point of view camera, which transmits audio, video, geolocation and other vital field directly to the control room.
In addition to enhancing agent security on the front line, Body Worn Video provides the Command Center with complete control of operations and more efficient collection and documentation of evidence and evidence.
Its use also helps to curb aggressive behavior from potential suspects by making it clear to those involved in an operation that their actions are being passed on to a support center.
With the combined use of analytical video applications, it allows the early identification of risks and the detection of vulnerability points.

In the field

The Inpex Front Line BW100-G1 is a compact, portable device that can be coupled to the body armor, especially built to leave your hands free while the agent is on mission, but recording and transmitting audio and video online to the Command Center.
It optimizes mission-critical performance by providing the communication and security required to protect citizens and agents involved in public safety.

  • Records and transmits video and audio continuously through 4G, 3G, Bluethoot and Wifi connections.
  • Works as PPT radio.
  • Sensors of brightness, impact (official crashed or fallen), ambient temperature and climatic conditions, barometric pressure (agent altitude).
  • Allows local recording (on the device, in high quality) simultaneously with the transmission to the Control Panel.
  • Transmits the agents’ GPS position.
  • Custom interface – allows you to include Police Force applications on the device screen, such as checking for stolen vehicles, searching for outlaws, etc.

In the Control Room

The Inpex Front Line BW100-G1 web interface provided in the Control Center allows full remote control of the device in the agent’s possession. Through the Central Command it is possible, remotely:

  • Trigger recording and take photos in high resolution
  • Flash and night mode
  • Download data recorded on the device – audio, video and photos
  • Locate the agents on the map – in case of need of displacement of reinforcements and others
  • Monitor all device sensors

Mobile Application

The same views available in the Command Room can be accessed and accompanied by an application available for Android and IO systems. With the application it is also possible to communicate via radio with the agents in the field and to monitor the video transmissions.